Refund policy

Return and exchange of goods

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.In that case, we are very sorry to trouble you, but after receiving the product14Within daysPlease contact us at huijupinpai@gmail.Three days.(Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)We will respond to your request within a reasonable time.If you have a lot of inquiries before and after the campaign, it may be late reply.
※ Defective products will only be damaged at the time of delivery.Please note that we do not accept any damage after wearing.


Is it possible to return the item to the customer for a refund?

Returns and refunds are possible.Please submit a return request within 14 days after the goods arrive.If you have more than 14 days, we will refuse it.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.(If you send it back by cash on delivery, I will refund the amount that deducted the shipping fee.If you order more than one item and want to return one of them, the refund amount is only that item.

The customer will be charged only once for the normal shipping costs (including returns), but the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs in the case of return or exchange at the customer's convenience (size difference, order mistake, image difference, etc.).Please note that we will be responsible for the return shipping fee, resend fee and Refund Fee.

How to refund if returned

Cancellation and return of goods will be the refund procedure after arriving at our company. In the case of cancellation of the credit card company's closing date, it will be a refund of the following month or the following month. Please contact each card company for details.

After the cancellation and return of the item arrives at our company, basically it will be only a refund in the form of PAYPAL or SLOLI gift card.Please note that refunds cannot be made by cash or bank transfer.In the case of return, the refund will be made within seven days after the confirmation of the returned goods. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will inform you after you contact us for the return of the details.

About exchange

In principle, we do not accept exchange for customer convenience.We would like to thank you for your understanding.


Non-returnable cases

Please note that we cannot accept replacement or return in the following cases.

  • 14 days or more from the date of arrival
  • Products that have been opened once for use or have traces of use
  • If the product is damaged due to damage to perfume, tobacco, or other odors, or if the product is damaged by scratches, dirt, thread fraying, deformation, etc.
  • Products that have been processed such as cleaning, washing, and hem correction
  • Goods without tags and accessories
  • Auction products, products for sale
  • We are not able to return or exchange the products that are directly attached to the skin, such as the antiwear and the stock, due to the hygiene problem.
  • It is due to customer's convenience that the image is different from the picture, and the color is different from the thought
  • If you have not contacted us in advance


About cancellation

Cancellation is possible before shipment,we will refuse cancellation request after shipment.

Because we have a large amount of shipping, there is a little difference between the actual shipping time of your luggage and the time of the shipping Mail that you have sent automatically to the customer.The actual shipping time will be based on our shipping records.If you would like to cancel or change your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

Usually due to unstable inventory due to campaign period, cancellation, product change, etc.、If the item you ordered is out of stock by any chance, SLOLI will contact you by e-mail.

Customers who have chosen convenience store payment or bank transfer in order to secure the Goods stock as soon as payment is completed, if the payment is not completed after the order, it is not possible to keep stock on the system, so there is a case where the goods are sold out.I hope you understand.


Note on return

Please send the box and accessories that you delivered together with the item when you return it.When returning, please use a courier service, etc., and always keep a copy of the invoice, etc.If there is no proof of delivery, we will not be responsible for problems such as lost or misplaced during delivery.We do not accept returns in the following cases:Please note.

  • If the item does not arrive due to delivery trouble
  • If the item is damaged due to shipping trouble
  • If goods, accessories are missing