Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please refer to the following "Frequently Asked Questions". For inquiries, please contact the email address ( ). We will reply within 24 hours (excluding holidays). Thank you.
About payment

Q: What kind of payment method do you have?

A: PAYPAL ( PAYPAL is now able to pay with a bank account in addition to a credit/debit card. Customers who do not use a card can make a payment easily and easily. )

② Credit card (Visa and MaterCard can be used.)

about the order

Q: Is it possible to change or cancel an order?

A: You can change or cancel before shipping, but once shipped, you cannot change or cancel. Please note.

Q: I 'm not sure about the size ...

A: Please refer to the size guideline on the product page. You can contact us directly.

Order status

Q: I want to confirm my order details.

A: We will email you the order details within 30 minutes of confirming your order. please confirm.

Q: My order has been canceled automatically. Why?

A: ONE ARTS cannot validate the invoice information you enter. If the billing address does not match the card company or bank file, the order will be canceled automatically. If your order is cancelled, please contact your card issuer or bank to make sure the book information is correct. Then order using the correct billing address.  

About transportation

Q: I want to track my luggage.

A: Once you have shipped your parcel, we will send you an email with the slip number and a website where you can track it.

Q: I haven't received my luggage. Lost What should I do now?

A: If you haven't received your package or lost it, please be assured that it will be resent or a full refund will be given after confirmation.

Q: It's been a while since I shipped it, but I haven't received it yet. When will you receive it?

A: Normally, it will take about 3-5 business days (excluding holidays) to receive the items. However, since there may be around due to weather and traffic conditions, please wait about one week from the completion of dispatch notification. Please contact the Sagawa Express or here if you do not receive even after the lapse of one week.